What is the first mod i should do?

Winch & bumper if necessary.  The size of the winch depends on the vehicle you drive.  The more the vehicle weighs, the higher the pound rating you will need.

How should i prepare for my first time off-road?

1) Pack enough food and water for a long day. You never know what may happen on the trail and you end up stuck for a while.

2) A recovery strap and 2 3/4” shackles are good to have.

3) Bug spray and sun screen.

4) check all fluids and battery connections.

5) An open mind and a good attitude

Why do you let air out of your tires?

If your tires are over inflated not only will you have reduced traction due to a reduced contact patch, the ride will also be stiffer and you will feel every bump. When you air down your tires you are increasing the contact area, how this works is that as the pressure gets lower the more rubber touches the ground at a time. Not only do you increase your traction it provides a smoother ride by allowing soft tires absorb the impacts rather than transmit it like a very stiff tire. Also, going along with the softer tire concept, you reduce the risks of punctures because your tires can be pushed in more rather than being a solid surface that can be stabbed through rather easily.

What is the average speed on the trails?

The average trail speed is under 10 MPH.  Only on the trip from the staging are to the trail head do we get above that.  We try to keep it slow to keep the group together by not exceeding 45 MPH.

What are the most common off-roading accidents or vehicle issues?

Off-roading has an element of danger and the thrilling adrenaline rush you get from it, contributes to the sense of adventure. However, safety is a big part of off-roading too. Some of the most common incidents you might encounter on the trails include broken axles, dead batteries, broken glass (lights, windows), flat tires, blocked air filters, dented bumpers, running out of fuel, getting stuck and sometimes vehicles might even tip over.

How should I behave on the local off-road trails?

Be a responsible off-roader by sticking to the designated recreational and off-roading areas at all times. Also, don’t litter or leave any trash behind. Take it a step further and pick up any trash you find lying around to ensure you leave the trails better than you found them.

Where can I go off-roading?

a.       Club access property:  as a member of Louisiana 4x4, you will have access to some properties that we, as a club, can ride.

b.       OHV Parks: Off-road recreational parks typically have both legal trails and “play” areas for you to practice your skills.  They are accessible year-round and have an entry fee.  Places like Catahoula ORV in Sicily Island LA, Superlift ORV Park in Hot Springs, AR & Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer TX offer this kind of access.

How many people can I bring with me / How many people fit in my vehicle?

You can bring as many people as you have seat belts.  Each passenger should have their own seat belt.

If you have any questions that are not listed above please reach out to us on the contact page.